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Epic X-Ray and Ultrasound is located within the Pinnacle Health Sciences Centre. The radiology department offers a wide range of imaging procedures that are performed at our Richmond Hill Location, including general x-ray, bone mineral density scans, general ultrasounds, vascular ultrasounds and cardiac diagnostic testing. 


Bone Mineral Density Scans

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Learn more about Bone Mineral Density Scans.

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Medical Imaging Team
Sheetal Jorgie, R.T.R. 

Registered Radiological Technologist

Sheetal has proudly served as an X-Ray technologist for over 23 years. She is currently registered with the CMRTO, and has accreditations with the ISCD and OAR. She is also accredited in mammography, and obtained her CBI in 2001.  

Natalie Ibrahim

Medical Imaging Administrator 

Natalie proudly has over 15 years in medical imaging administration. She prides herself in establishing an excellent rapport with patients while providing them with timely and courteous service. 

As a registered gastroenterologist in Romania, Liliana moved to Canada as a registered ultrasound sonographer. Liliana has practiced for over 10 years and is a member of the ARMDS, CSDMS, OARMS and APCA. 

Registered Ultrasound Sonographer

Liliana Erimia
Gabi Zamfir 

Registered Ultrasound Technologist

As a registered family physician in Romania, Gabi moved to Canada where she recieved her designation as a Registered Ultrasound Technologist. Gabi has proudly performed ultrasound examinations for over 25 years.

Registered Ultrasound Technologist

Bill Wei

Bill began his career as a radiologist in China, where he practiced for over 11 years. He then moved to Canada to become a member of Sonography Canada and ARDMS. Bill has extensive experience as an ultrasound technologist. 

Emilia began her career in Bulgaria as a family physician and ophthalmologist, practicing her craft for 15 years. Emilia moved to Canada as a registered ultrasound technologist, and has accumulated over 17 years of experience in the field. 

Registered Ultrasound Technologist

Emilia Zharaheva
Sandra Baslamisli

Clinic Manager

Sandra proudly has over 18 years experience in managing radiology and ultrasound clinics and is focused on providing her patients with the highest quality of service and care. 

Simon Clarke, R.T.R.

Registered Radiological Technologist

Simon proudly has over 28 years of radiology experience. He is currently registered with the C.A.M.R.T. and C.M.R.T.O. and has been doing bone mineral density scans for over 20 years. 

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