Bracing and Custom Orthotics

Braces and orthotics for support and recovery.

At Epic Rehab & Sports Medicine, our qualified team of specialists will assess, measure, fit, and mold the right orthotic insoles or braces for you to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

Custom orthotics and footwear are orthopaedic devices specifically designed or modified for the individual to treat certain biomechanical foot disorders. They are designed based on a casted mold of the foot to alter or modify foot function. Having the right orthotic insoles in your shoes can significantly reduce ankle, knee, hip, and back pain.

Custom knee bracing is useful for conditions of the knee such as arthritis or instability. Custom knee bracing is especially helpful pre- or post-surgery to stabilize and protect your knee while it heals. Our trained professionals will take the appropriate measurements for bracing in order to customize the brace for each individual.

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